Choose the building for which you will have the assembly

a. Click on “Assembly”

b. Click on “New Assembly”

c. Enter the information concerning the assembly

d. Click Next

Please note you can edit assemblies after they have been created. For example, you do not want to send the invitation right away, you can wait, edit and send it later.

  • The “Poll” section is an optional part while creating this first draft of the assembly

a. You can edit different questions you want your residents to answer for the assembly

b. Click “next”

  • In the “participants” section – you see the proportion share of every resident and the total of fraction share in the assembly, to make sure you achieve quorum.

a. Participants can be represented by someone else directly in Walter

b. It is in this section that you will be able to invite your residents

c. Click “next”

  • In the “invitation” section – you can edit the email you want to send to clients

a. You can fill in the information you want sent by email to your residents for the assembly meeting

  • The assembly should appear in your Zoom account – Walter has transferred all the data to the account.

  • You can start the meeting in the general tab of your assembly page, when time requires

  • Residents will need to register their emails after receiving the invitation and they will be able be able to join the assembly in their own section.

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