IMPORTANT NOTE: Both the managers and resident must have set up their bank accounts in Usewalter for these actions to be available. Also, as a manager, you can only charge residents bank account - not a residents credit card.

Payment Module

To access the payment module, go to the payment icon

*You can access it from all projects or individual project buildings.

Payment Module Options

On your payment screen you can either charge a property, view the latest payments and export them in .csv format

Charge a Property

Click on the charge a property button and enter the information:

  • Project (if executing the action from all projects)

  • Property unit number

  • Type of payment (rent, condo fees, etc)

  • Amount - watch out! you can choose any amount

  • Description of the payment

IMPORTANT NOTE: Receipts and notifications will be handled by Stripe. Usewalter does not include taxes.

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