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Amenities - Overview - Resident

Here's a quick overview of everything you can do in the amenity section.

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This section simply helps you to make reservations for the amenities offered in your building. Whether you want to make a reservation for the gym or for the swimming pool, or if you want to organize an evening with friends in the reception hall of your building, this section will help you keep track of all your reservations. You will therefore be much more organized than before with Usewalter!

It is also possible to make cancellations directly in the application.


The Usewalter app gives you the ability to book common area spaces at specific dates and times. This guide will walk you through the process of booking an amenity through the app.

How To

  1. Open the Usewalter app on your mobile device

  2. Click on the "magnifying glass" icon at the bottom right of your screen

  3. Click on the "Amenities" section

  4. Click on the amenity you want to book

  5. Select the date you would like to reserve

  6. Select the usage duration

  7. Choose a specific time on that date for your reservation

  8. Click on submit

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