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How to request help in developing your own custom AlienApp

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Request for help

The Custom AlienApp feature in the USM Anywhere platform is a code-free way to extend the functionality of the platform to collect and parse logs from any cloud service or other endpoints that support REST APIs.

Although no code needs to be written, the configuration of custom AlienApps represents a challenge to those who are unfamiliar with how JSON APIs work. Therefore, A&T Cybersecurity has created this program to work directly with customers to help create configuration guides for popular cloud services.

What we need from you:

1. Your USM Anywhere instance name (*

2. Name of the SaaS service or product you wish to help with:

3. URL of API endpoint (if known):

4. Are you willing to share your credentials (Yes/no):

5. Are you willing to help provide documentation if needed (yes/no):

6. Describe your use case for the app (Collect logs for compliance, get alarms, etc):

7. What types of events are you most interested in collecting:

8. Are there events you are not interested in collecting:

9. If you need information other than the date, source, destination, username, and protocol extracted from the logs, specify this in your request, and provide an example. This helps us test the AlienApp to make sure it can successfully extract that data.

How it works

Please provide the requested information as best you can and email it to Once we receive your request, we will create a ticket to track it, and will queue it up for the next available engineer. Please note that there is currently no specific service-level agreement for this service. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Please be aware that our engineering team will need access to the cloud application to help configure your app, and you must be willing to share login credentials for the service you want to develop the app for. Please do not send these credentials along with the form; once we are ready to work on your request, we will provide a secure mechanism for sharing them and ask you any necessary questions.

You may also need to download and forward the API documentation from the application’s website. Many APIs are posted publicly, but others are still behind the paywall in many apps.

We will build and test your application configuration on one of our USM instances and then provide a link with a configuration guide. The guide will provide details about what should be entered in each configuration field. You’ll need to follow this guide to build the app. Once the app has been built, it will be available under the “Custom Apps” tab in the AlienApp section of the product.

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