Q. What is Uwavee?

Uwavee is a platform that provides producers and engineers with a secure escrow system to sell custom beats, mixing, and mastering on any social media platform.

You can upload your tracks, set prices, list what services you offer, then start selling your music in minutes.

Q. Who is Uwavee for?

Uwavee is designed for artists, producers, and engineers who sell music services online.

Q. What kind of services can I find on Uwavee?

You can find artists, producers, and engineers offering beat making, mixing, mastering, and features on Uwavee.

Our sellers show examples of their skills by uploading their music and list their personal contributions to each track shown on the track.

Q. How does Uwavee work?

For sellers

  • Request: Receive a project request and accept the project.

  • Requirements: When the buyer sends you the project requirements, review and approve them.

  • Proposal: After you have accepted the project requirements, create and send the buyer the project proposal. Once the buyer accepts the proposal and the project funds are being held in the Uwavee escrow system, you can get started on the project.

  • Review: When you finish the project, submit the final project files for review.

  • Completed: Once the buyer approves the final project, cash-out the project funds.

For buyers

  • Request: Message the seller based on the services they offer and include a project description.

  • Requirements: After the seller accepts the project, create and send the custom project requirements. You can communicate with the seller through our messaging system.

  • Proposal: The seller then sends back the project proposal. Review and accept the project proposal and fund the project securely through the Uwavee escrow payment system.

  • Review: The seller will then start working on the project. When the project is submitted for review, review the final project files.

  • Completed: Approve the project and release the funds to the seller when you’re satisfied with the final project. Download the final project files.

Q. How do I pay?

Payments are transacted through Uwavee’s secure escrow payment system.

  1. Press ‘Accept and Pay’ on the project proposal page and you will be taken to stripe to complete the payment.

  2. On the Stripe page, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

  3. The project funds are then held in the Uwavee escrow payment system.

  4. After you have reviewed the project and are satisfied with the final result, press the ‘Approve’ button to release the funds to the seller.

Q. How does Uwavee's escrow payment system work?

When a buyer pays for a project, the money is sent to the Uwavee secure escrow payment system. The funds are then held while the project is being worked on. Only when the final project is reviewed and approved by the buyer are the project funds released to the seller.

The Uwavee escrow payment system assures buyers are satisfied with the final project while guaranteeing sellers get paid the full price for their work.

Q. Why should I pay a seller through Uwavee?

Safety and Security

  • Uwavee provides a safe and secure way to pay for services with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. To initiate work on a project, the buyer funds the project and the money is held in the Uwavee escrow system while the project is being worked on. Only when the buyer approves the final project are the funds released to the seller. This allows the seller to start working on the project but gives the buyer control of when the payment is released.

Quality Assurance

  • When you pay using Uwavee, we provide personal support with any project issues. If something goes wrong during a project or if you have a question, we're here to help. Contact us anytime at support@uwavee.com.

It’s Easy

  • With Uwavee, you can easily pay any seller with a credit or debit card.

It’s Free

  • It doesn’t cost you anything to securely pay for services through Uwavee. Sellers are charged a small transaction fee but are happy to pay this small fee because Uwavee provides a safe and secure way to sell their music services.

To ensure your safety, if someone offers to transact outside of Uwavee’s payment system, don’t agree and alert us by emailing our support team at support@uwavee.com.

Q. Is Uwavee worldwide?

Yes! Music creators from around the world can use Uwavee anywhere, anytime.

Q. How do I file a project dispute?

If there is an issue with your project, you can file a project dispute by contacting us at support@uwavee.com.

Q. I have a question or problem, where can I get help?

You can find many answers in the FAQ or you can contact us at support@uwavee.com.

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