Option 1:

If your webcam and microphone have worked in the past, but now are not working, try shutting down your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and then restarting it. That should do the trick!

Option 2:

If you have recently added a webcam to your computer, then you may need to adjust your permissions to choose the webcam over the default settings.

You can update those settings by selecting the video icon here:

And, then select the "Manage" button:

Then select the camera and/or audio dropdown options and select the webcam options.

Option 3:

If your web cam or microphone isn't working for you, here is a helpful step by step of how to allow permissions in your Chrome browser:


Here is a visual of a shortcut once you are logged into your Vaetas dashboard:

In some versions of Chrome you will also need to provide permissions here:

Click on the video camera in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser:

And, then check if your microphone and camera are selected in the dropdown.

If these are already selected, then Chrome may need to be refreshed or restarted. Close out of Chrome, and then re-open.

Or it may be this dropdown:

Here is how you allow permissions in Firefox once you are logged into your Vaetas dashboard:

If the above options are not working, you may want to test your camera and microphone on your computer:

Here is an online test for your mic:

Here is a Mac test: 

Click the "Photobooth" icon on your MacBook's dock or from the "Applications" folder. The webcam should turn on, presenting an image from the camera on the screen.

Here is a helpful article on drivers and settings for a PC: 


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