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How to use the AI question builder for RfI's?
How to use the AI question builder for RfI's?
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Valcori includes an AI question builder that allows you to generate relevant questions for your Request for Information (RfI) in a matter of seconds for any product or service that you are tendering for.

How does it work?

The AI question builder requires two input fields

  1. The product/service you are tendering for (e.g. "cleaning services" or "warehouse labelling software")

  2. Keywords that represent topics that you find important in the tendering process (e.g.: "quality assurance", "service levels", "service guarantees", "client references").

Based on your input, the AI question builder will create a variety of questions that you can use. Simply hoover over the question and click "add" to include the question in your questionnaire

Can I still adjust the AI-generated questions?

Yes! Just as with our template library, these questions form a solid starting point. Once you have selected your questions, you can continue to adjust the questions to your liking in our questionnaire builder.


  • Be precise but concise. When entering what you are tendering for, try to be precise but concise. Add information that is highly relevant for your product or service.
    ❌ labelling software for one our warehouses in Mechelen including a device that can be used to create the labels
    βœ… Warehouse labelling software including professional labeling devices

  • Add sufficient keywords. The more keywords you add, the better the questions will be tailored to your needs.

  • Your request failed? Just try again once more!

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