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What is the VFN, and how does it work?
What is the VFN, and how does it work?
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In the status quo, Black founders receive less than 1% of global venture funding. The Valence Funding Network reimagines this reality, serving as a new community that provides skills, relationships, and resources to accelerate founders' access to meaningful capital. The Valence Funding Network is made up of both our investor communities and the Founders Only community.

With our investor community, we’ve brought together the greatest venture capitalists from around the world. Profiles of these investors can be found in our VFN group here. These investors represent various stages and sectors of focus but share an important attribute: a readiness to invest in Black founders.

Founders are welcomed to explore that investor list, request Boost Sessions with investors, send messages on the site, and take advantage of other networking opportunities through our event series. Founders can also join our Founders Only community here to meet other founders and join the discussion board.

Through the power of introductions, events, educational content, community groups, and exclusive features, we bridge the gap between Black founders and investors. Our goal is to get more Black-owned businesses funded.

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