You have access to data on products sold within a time frame through our Explore tool. 

Once you enter the 'Explore' Tab select the 'Order Line Items' category, and add the metric 'Product Name'. Depending on how your store and product catalog is set up you may want to use Sku instead.

From here you can click on the 'Show Me The...' dropdown menu and select 'Quantity.'

This will give you the total quantity sold of all the products in your catalog. You can now use the 'Filter' tool to select a date range. Click 'Filter' to open the menu. Here you can ad a date range by choosing 'Days Since Creation' in the drop down and choosing the parameters that fit your need. In the Example below I am pulling all orders made, today and yesterday by setting 'Days Since Creation' to be 'less than 2.'

If you wanted to know how many of each product was sold a month ago you could create two filters, one including only items over 30 days old and the other including items only less than 60 days old.

Once you've pulled this list you may notice that you are only seeing 10 items. You can expand this list buy clicking the 'Other' button at the bottom. You can then use the 'Download' button to export the list.

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