Facebook advertising campaigns are Vantage’s first channel of focus. We offer 8 audience types to build your Smart Campaigns with:

  1. Dynamic Product: Create a carousel ad that shows potential customers products they have already viewed, but not purchased.
  2. Website Visitors: Target anybody who’s visited your website, regardless of where they bounced.
  3. Abandoned Carts: Target all of the customers who left the site before they finished making a purchase.
  4. Top Customers: Bring your best customers back to your store.
  5. Ready Customers: Bring back past customers who we think are likely to make another purchase.
  6. Lookalike: Target audiences similar to your best customers or website visitors to drive new traffic.
  7. Facebook Page Likes: Target everybody who’s liked your Facebook page.
  8. Around Me: Target Facebook users in the surrounding neighbourhood.
  9. Upload List: Upload a .csv or .txt file of at least 500 customers with email addresses and we’ll target them.
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