Any customer with Vantage connected to their Shopify store can customize the Product Catalog used for their Dynamic ads. 

Below are the steps you will have to perform in Shopify in order for us to be able to choose a custom ad set to either include or exclude from your Dynamic ads.

  1. Log into Shopify
  2. Navigate to Products using the menu on the left of the screen
  3. Select all the items you want to exclude, or include in your Dynamic Product Campaign
  4. Hit 'Edit'
  5. If 'Vendor' isn't already an available field add it by selecting it in the 'Add Feild' Dropdown
  6. Change Vendor to anything you want (the product brand, the product category or type,)
  7. Let us know the 'Vendor' field or fields you've created that you'd like to either include or exclude
  8. We will create a custom ad set to use in your Dynamic Ads and make it available to you.
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