How will I receive updates on my case?

How to make sure you receive real-time updates on your case

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Vault offers in-app notifications to ensure you're informed about the developments in your case. You also have the choice to receive email notifications in addition to in-app updates. These email notifications are designed to be generic reminders, offering an additional level of privacy to serve as a reminder to log in and review the latest information.

Using desktop

If your organization uses the Open Reporting feature available on desktop, you will receive email notifications by default unless you've chosen to submit your report anonymously.

Using the mobile app

After submitting your first report, you'll be automatically prompted to enable email notifications. You can opt-in by simply toggling on the option as shown below.

Mobile phone notification page screenshot

You can also manually opt-in to email notifications through your Settings. Clicking on the Settings icon and then tap on Notification Settings.

If you are not receiving notifications, please contact our Technical Support team.

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