After connecting Vectera to your calendar, you need to create an appointment type for your clients.

To get started, visit

1. Click on Create your first appointment type

2. Give your appointment type a name and description

3. Select the location, duration and buffer time before the event.

The location can be online or offline.

For online meetings, a meeting room will be automatically generated for your client after an appointment has been planned. Returning clients will be directed to the same meeting room. The meeting room will be added to your dashboard.

Both you and your client will receive a confirmation email after an appointment has been booked with all the booking information.

4. Select your timezone and your availability. All fields in blue indicate you're available for a meeting. This availability will be overwritten if your connected calendar has another appointment planned at that time.

5. Scroll down to update the appointment type. Visit your public booking url to see how it looks!

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