How to add animations to text
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This article will show how you can add animations to texts in your project.

Please note the following:

  • You can only add animations to the start of the text. (e.g., you can add fade-in, but there is no fade-out yet).

  • No special characters are supported currently, like emojis.

  • Characters used in Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, and so on are not supported yet.

  • Support for these will be added in the future.

Here are the steps on how to apply animations to texts:

  1. Go into the project and go into the Text tab.

  2. Add a text to your project by clicking on one of the options shown.

  3. Once the text is added to the project (you will see it on the timeline), click on the text on the timeline or the canvas.

  4. Click on the Animation button.

  5. You will be presented with a list of animations you can choose from.

  6. Move your mouse over the options, and the video will play a little bit to show you a preview of the animation.

  7. Click on the animation you want to add, which will apply to the text.


Q: Can I change the speed of the animation?
A: Currently, no. The animation rate depends on the length of the text file in the project. The animation will take longer if the text shows up for a longer time in the project.

Q: The "Animation" button is greyed out. Why?
A: That means that the text you want to add animations to has characters in it that are not supported. Please remove them.

Q: When will you add animations for the end of the texts, such as fade out?
A: There is no estimated time for when this will be added.

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