How to Crop an Image or Video
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This feature is available on all plans.

In this article, we will show you how to crop an image or a video. You will need to have a video or image file uploaded into a project. If you need help with this, you can follow this tutorial article.

Once you have uploaded your image or video file, you will need to select the file on the canvas. If you have selected it successfully, you will see a dot at each corner and a bar at the middle part of each side of the file like on the following image.

Here are the button combinations that will allow you to crop:

  1. Using the bars at the sides of the file.

    • Simply dragging the bars will crop the side from which you are dragging.

    • Holding down ALT(Option on Mac) and then dragging will crop the opposite side as well at the same time and rate as the one from which you are dragging. This allows you to crop both sides of the file simultaneously and evenly.

  2. Using the dots at the corners of the file.

    • Simply dragging the corners will result in the file being resized with the same aspect ratio.

    • Holding down SHIFT and then dragging the corners will crop the file from that position. However, it will not keep the aspect ratio.

    • Holding down ALT(Option for Mac) will crop the file from all sides and keep the aspect ratio.

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