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How to add a Title page before your video starts
How to add a Title page before your video starts
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This feature is available for all plans.

In this article, we will show you how you can insert a few seconds long title page in front of your video.

  1. When the upload of your video is finished, go into the Settings tab. There you will find the Duration setting which lets you set the length of the video. It has two parts:

    • Automatic. This sets the length of the project automatically or based on the clips on the timeline

    • Fixed. This sets a fixed duration you can put.

  2. On the Fixed part, click on the time and rewrite it. If you want the title page to last for 5 seconds before the video starts then add 5 seconds to the time.

    Notice that an empty part popped up after the end of the video down at the timeline.

  3. Now that you have extended the length of the video by 5 seconds, you will have to make it so that the empty part is at the start of the video. You will put the title page there. Click on the video clip in the timeline. This will shade the video on the timeline in orange, you will also see the trimming handles on either side, and the Edit Video tab will come up as well. It means that it is selected.

  4. Now click and hold down your left mouse button and drag the video to the right side of the timeline.

  5. After this, the empty part should be before the video. If you play the video from the start now, it will have a 5 seconds long empty black screen before the video start.

  6. Now you can go into the Media tab, click on the Upload a file button and upload the title image you want.

  7. When the image is uploaded, you will need to select it on the canvas screen or on the timeline. This will bring up the settings for the Image (Edit Image tab) where you can set the timing for it. There you can manually set the Start and End timing of the Image so it only shows up at the first 5 seconds of the video.

    You can create a title page after the end of the video the same way but don't drag the video to the right side and you have to set the start and end time of the image after the end of the video.

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