How to Compress your Videos

This article will show you how our compressor tool works and what each setting means.

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The compressor is available for each plan, but the FREE plan has limitations. Please check our pricing page for more information.

  1. Go to the compressor tool at

  2. Upload your video using the blue "Choose video" button.

  3. Wait for your file to upload.

  4. Once it is uploaded, you will be greeted with a screen like this:

    On the right side of the screen, you will see the Basic settings for the compressor.

  5. Use the Quality selector to change the quality you want quickly. Under the Quality setting, you can select a different video resolution.

  6. If you want more customizations, click on the "Advanced settings" button above the Quality setting.

  7. Here are what each setting changes in the Advanced settings:

    1. CRF: CRF means constant rate factor. This sets how close the video's quality should be to the original one and tries to keep it constant throughout the video. This setting is better if you want to get a smaller file. A lower number indicates lower compression.

    2. Bitrate: Bitrate sets how much information should be stored about the video in a set amount of time. This setting is better if you want to stream the video(show it on another site). A lower number indicates higher compression.

    3. Framerate limit (FPS upper limit): This sets what the highest frame rate can be during the video. This setting cannot increase the frame rate of a video. If your video is 30 FPS and you set the FPS to a higher value, the video will still be compressed into 30 FPS. If you set the FPS to lower than the original video's FPS, it will compress the video to this lower amount.

  8. Once you are done changing the settings, click "Compress Video", and it will start compressing your video.

  9. As soon as the compression is done, you can download the video or choose another video to compress. If the change to the original file is minimal, you can change the compression settings.

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