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Invite project viewers
Invite project viewers

Invite your colleague or friend to watch your finished project.

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This feature is available for all plans.

You can invite users to your project as viewers. This is different than just sharing the project link with a user, as this option allows the invited user to view that project even if that project is private.

This allows you to share a specific project with a selected few to:

  • Proofread the subtitles,

  • Make suggestions on what to change in the video,

  • or share confidential videos with only the people that need to see them.

Before you invite someone, consider the following:

  • Inviting a Project Viewer is free, but if you invite them as Workspace Editor, then additional charges may apply.

  • Only 1 user can be invited at a time.

  • The invited user can only view the exported video, and they cannot access the editor or your workspace.

  • The invited user will be able to view the exported video even if the project is set as private.

  • The invited user cannot see your other projects, only the one you invited them to.

How to invite a user:

  1. Go into your account and click on an already exported project.

  2. Click on the Share option on the right side of the video.

  3. Click on the Enter email address here box.

  4. Enter the email address at the top of the window.

  5. Select Project Viewer from the dropdown menu, and click Invite.

  6. The invited person will receive an email with a button and link that they can press to watch the video.

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