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How to export and then download your video
How to export and then download your video
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This article will help you with exporting your project and downloading your video.

Here are the steps:

  1. Once you're done editing your project, click on the Done button at the top right.

  2. It will open the export options window, click on the Export Video button on the window.

  3. Wait for a few seconds and it will take you to the video page where you will see the progress of the project being rendered.

  4. Once the video is rendered, click on the Download icon button on the right side of the video, then click on MP4 to download the video file. It will then start downloading the file and it will be saved to your computer/device

Some additional steps on this:

  • Click on the Quality (settings icon) to open the Export Settings.

  • The first tab on the Export Settings window is the preset of your project. Click on it and scroll down if you want to choose your preferred preset/quality.

  • Click on Advance Settings to see more options such as changing the resolution before you export the project.

On free plan, you can only export in 720p. On the Basic and Pro plan you can export up to 1080p, and on the Business and Enterprise plan you can export up to 4K. If the resolution or quality of the original video you uploaded is lower than the quality you set on the export settings, it will not work and the editor will not make it in a higher quality. Upgrading will allow you to render out a video in a bigger resolution which will allow you to keep the original resolution of the video.

For frame rate limit, if the original FPS of the video uploaded is lower than the FPS you set, our editor will use the original FPS of the video. Right now, the FPS limits only apply if the FPS of the video uploaded is higher than 60.

  • You can download the video from your dashboard. Hover on the project can click on three dots, then click on Download. This will direct you to the project's video page where you can download the video.

If the project is still in draft, you won't be able to download it. The project needs to be exported first.

  • If you edit the project again, you need to export it again so that the new changes will reflect on the video page.

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