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How to add a CTA button (Call-To-Action) on your video page
How to add a CTA button (Call-To-Action) on your video page
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This feature is only available on Business or Enterprise plans.

In this article, you'll learn about adding a CTA button on your video. This is a Showcase feature.

  1. Open the video page of the project you exported. From your dashboard, hover on your project and click on Watch.

    Please make sure your project is exported!

  2. On your project's video page, click on the Showcase button on the right side of the video.

  3. It has three parts: Title, Description, and Custom Button. Click on each to edit it.

  4. Click on +Create Custom Button to add and customize your CTA button.

  5. Paste the website link you want to add on the Link section and then add a Label for your CTA button.

  6. Click on Save button to save it.

    This is how it would look like when you share your video

You can add another button as well as delete other buttons.

You can check this sample video where you can click the CTA buttons added.

Here's another sample from our team!

Kindly note the following:

  • Adding a CTA button is only on the video page (VEED).

  • You cannot add a button to the video itself.

  • You need to share the link to your project's video page in order for your viewers to see the CTA button.

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