How to create AI Avatars
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This tool is available to all the plans.

Do you need a Custom Avatar?

We're offering custom avatars for our Enterprise plan users. If you are interested, you can send your inquiry here:

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an AI Avatar.

  1. Head over to VEED.

  2. Create an account or Log in.

  3. Click on Create Project. You can start with a Blank Canvas or upload your video

  4. Click on the Media tab. Look for AI Avatars, then click on View All to choose from the avatars.

  5. Once you selected your avatar, it will open the Create Avatar tab.

  6. Type or paste your text on the Text tab.

  7. Click on Add to Project and it will start generating the avatar.

  8. Once it finishes, it will be added as a video clip on the project.

You've added an AI Avatar now!

Some current limitations:

  • Once you generated an avatar, you cannot edit the text and regenerate it. You can edit it as a video clip

  • You can only add up to 3000 characters or texts. You can generate a new avatar once you've met a limit

  • You can generate avatars for a certain minutes only. The minutes limitation can be see on the pricing page.


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