How to use Magic Cut tool
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This tool will help you to automatically cut your video, deleting filler words and silences to make it shorter.

This tool is available for all plans. Below are the step by step:

  1. Head over to

  2. Create an account or Log in.

  3. From your dashboard, click on Create Project.

  4. Drag and drop the video to the "Upload a file" part of the window or click on it and you can select the file you want to upload.

  5. Wait for the video to upload.

  6. Click on the video clip on timeline and click on Magic Cut button.

  7. The AI tool will then process it. Please few for a few minutes to finish it.

  8. Done! The video is cut now. The timeline will show several clips due to the cuts.

At the moment, the magic cut tool will only work for videos spoken in English.

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