In this article, you will learn how to view/update existing NFTs. Updating NFTs enables you to update the details, add questions, update attributes and location settings, and Mint the current build.

  1. On the Menu, click the BUILD option and select the verse where the NFT was created.

  2. In the NFTs panel, find and click the NFT name to select.

  3. The selected NFT opens and displays the Options tab by default. To update the NFT details, simply edit the current values/details displayed in this tab:

    • Upload new image

    • Change color

    • Update auto-release option

    • Passcode

    • Refresh Code

    • Price Setting

    • Enable/Disable Donations

    Note: the Title*, Description*, and Number of Copies* fields are disabled by default.

  4. If you would like to update the Questions, Attributes, and Location tabs, just click the appropriate tab to access them.

  5. The changes will be applied automatically.

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