The Verse feature is a custom collection of NFTs wherein you can invite other creators to collaborate. The collaborators or creators can mint and contribute to the collection or the “Verse”. It can be used to categorize NFTs by type, rewards, and/or more importantly by location.

In addition, pairing the verse feature with the Location option enables users to pin minted items to specific locations. This method makes the NFTs exclusive to that particular location.

Lastly, standard sharing options are available when publishing the verse. This includes posting it publicly in the Vennity app, linking to the verse page, and via QR Codes.

In summary, the verse is best described by the following:

  • Custom Collection of NFTs that you can invite others to collaborate with

  • People can create items and pin them to a certain location

  • Community Map where you can create digital items

The list of topics below will walk you through how to use the Verse feature:

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