This article will teach you how to create new NFTs within a particular verse. The process is similar to a regular build, just adding the verse where you want the item to be created.

  1. Go to the BUILD page and select the verse where you want the NFT created.

  2. Click the (+) New Item button.

  3. The Create window will appear. Specify the following:

    1. Title

    2. Number of Copies

  4. Click Save to continue.

  5. You will be directed to the newly created NFT’s Options tab. To add the NFT image, click the Select Image button.

  6. The File Location window will appear, find and select the image file. After selecting the image, click Open.

  7. To set the NFT color, select the preferred color from the Color section or enter the color code in the field.

  8. Specify the NFT details:

    • Title*: This field will automatically display the initial title that was saved. You can update the NFT title on this page.

    • Description*: Enter the NFT description or a short overview.

    • Number of Copies*: This field will automatically display the initial number of saved copies. You can update the number of copies in this field.

    • Auto Release?: Click the ON/OFF toggle to enable/disable NFT auto release. This option comes in handy if you want to manually review a request to claim your item by setting this option off. The approval option can be found under the Activity feed on the BUILD page’s Approve button.

    • Passcode: This feature enables you to activate/deactivate the passcode requirement when claiming the item. Click the Passcode toggle to enable/disable this feature.

    • Refresh Code: This button lets you generate a passcode or refresh it to change the current code.

    • Price: Enter the item price. It is worth noting that this option is only enabled if you completed the Stripe setup with this account.

    • Donations:

  9. After specifying the NFT details, you can manage the following tabs:

    1. Questions

    2. Attributes

    3. Locations

  10. Review the updated NFT details and configuration and click the Mint button to mint the NFT.

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