After successfully signing in to your Collectors account, you will be directed to the Discover menu by default. The Discover screen displays publicly posted NFT items which you can access and claim.

Browse NFT by Verses

Ensure that you are on the main Discover screen. To explore a specific verse, Find the Verse section and tap the verse/community that you want to open.

Once the selected verse opens, tap the Items tab to view the collection of NFTs. This screen lets you view, select, and claim items.

Alternatively, you can also tap the Map icon to view the list of NFTs based on pinned locations.

The NFTs are arranged based on the most recently shared NFTs. Each NFT displays the following:

  • Verse Name

  • NFT name

  • NFT owner

  • The number of days since the NFT was shared

  • NFT image

  • Claimable NFT left

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