In this article, you will learn how to claim and/or fill out questionnaires. It is important to note that you can do these actions after discovering the NFTs. See related articles for more information:

  • Scanning QR Code to Claim

  • Opening a Shared Link to Claim

  • Browsing NFT

In this example, we use the Collector’s Discover menu to choose an NFT to claim and fill out a questionnaire.

  1. Tap the Discover Menu and select an NFT.

  2. The selected NFT opens, find and tap the Claim button.

  3. After tapping the Claim button you will be directed to the questionnaire page where you can select options or fill out questions.

  4. Answer/fill out the questionnaire by entering answers in fields and/or selecting options/choices.

  5. A Confirmation message will appear indicating that you have successfully claimed the reward.

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