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Viewing Your Completed Verification - Employee
Viewing Your Completed Verification - Employee

Needing to view a completed verification on yourself? This explains how to view your completed verifications.

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If your employer has completed a verification on your behalf, follow these steps to view it.

First, visit this page.

Fill in the information and click the "Verify Info" button.

Note: You must ensure that all of your information is correct, and the phone number provided is able to complete Two-Factor Authentication (receive a text message with a code). If the information is not correct, no results will be accessible.

You will receive an email with a link. Click on the link in the email to validate your email address.

Next, you will be asked to complete Two-Factor Authentication. Be sure to check the phone attached to the phone number you provided. Enter the code.

Once complete, you will be able to view a copy of your completed verification(s).

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