Follow the steps below to request an Employment or Income Verification:

The first screen you will see should say "Start a New Verification" at the top. If you do not see this heading, click on the "New Verification" tab on the left side toolbar.

Then, choose the type of verification you are needing by clicking on the appropriate radio button to the left. An Employment Verification will only deliver employment information such as job title, start date, term date, original hire date, etc... An Income Verification will deliver all the Employment Verification data PLUS income such as income summary, pay detail, pay rate, etc...

Then choose the appropriate Permissible Purpose for why you are needing this information.

Next, click on the "Choose Employer" button.

Next, you have two options:

Option 1: If the Employer or Employee/Consumer has provided you with an Organization Code, click on the "Enter Organization Code" button, type in the Code next to the "Look up" button, click on the "Look up" button, and the Employer should appear below. Then, click the "Save Employer" button.

If no Employer is found or you do NOT have the Organization Code, advance to Option 2 listed below.

Option 2: If you do NOT know the Organization Code, click on the "Employer Lookup" button and begin typing the name of the Organization that they Employee/Consumer works for (or used to work). As you type, a list of matching Organizations will drop down, click on the correct Organization. Then, click the "Save Employer" button.

Next, enter the Employee/Consumer's information. The fields outlined in red below are required and must match exactly with what is on file with the Employer. The "Reference Number" is an optional field that many mortgage companies use list the loan number, file number, etc...

Then, type your name on the Agreement section and click the "Continue" button. A pop up screen will appear asking you to ensure the First Name, Last Name, Last Four of the SSN, and Date of Birth are correct. Click the "Ok" button.

Lastly, choose your Payment Option.

Option 1: Pay with a Credit Card

Click on the "Take Payment by Credit Card" button, enter your credit card details, and click on the "Pay" button.

Option 2: Use a Coupon Code

Enter your Coupon Code and click on the "Use a Coupon Code" button.

Option 3: Invoice Later

Congratulations! You've just submitted a verification request. The request can now be found on the Pending Verifications page, by clicking on the "Pending Verifications" tab on the left side toolbar.

Some verifications are completed instantly. If it's NOT in the Pending Verifications page, check the Completed Verifications page, by clicking on the "Completed Verifications" tab on the left side toolbar.

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