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Complete an Experience Verification Smart Form
Complete an Experience Verification Smart Form

Step-by-Step Guide on Completing an Experience Verification Smart Form

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Next, click on the EV tab.

Find the Experience Verification you'd like to complete. You can sort each column to help you locate the exact form. Once located, click on 'Start.'

Depending on the State of the district that is hiring your former employee and the type of form being requested, each form will look a little different. This is ok.

At the very top of the page will be employee information that have been provided by the person requesting this information. If you have no record of that employee working for you, you can click the 'Decline' button, type in your reasoning for declining, and press 'Complete/Submit.'

However, to complete the Experience Verification, click 'Add Annual info.'

Begin by choosing the FIRST SCHOOL YEAR that employee worked for you. (Pro Tip: You can set your School Year 'Start and End Dates' in the Settings page which will eliminate your need to enter those dates on every form. See this article to show you how to pre-populate those School Year dates.)

Next, you'll see the data begin to populate on the table. If you need to add another year of data, click 'Add Annual Info.'

You'll notice that on the second year of information, the system pre-populates the fields with the first year of data you entered, except it adjusts the School Year dates to the next year. At this point, you can simply click 'Add Record' or edit the data as needed for the next School Year.

Once all the years that your former employee worked at your district have been entered, there might be some additional one time data to enter below the table. Complete the rest of the form. Once done, click the 'Complete/Submit' button. (Note: If you need to step away from your desk while completing the form, you can always click 'Save For Later' and come back to complete the form at a later time.)

You're done!

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