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Submit a PSLF Form - Employee
Submit a PSLF Form - Employee

How to submit a Public Service Loan Forgiveness form to your Employer

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Next, click "Choose Your Employer" and type the name of the Employer where you will send your form. Select the Employer. If the name of your Employer does not drop down, they are not a participating Employer and you will need to contact your HR/Payroll department. Click "Save Employer."

Click "Continue."

Next, complete Sections 1 and 4 that correlate with the PSLF form. Section 1 is mostly required data elements. On Section 4, BEGIN WITH YOUR MOST RECENT TIME OF EMPLOYMENT with the Employer. The following data elements are optional in Section 3.

  • Employment Begin Date

  • Employment End Date

  • Employment Status

  • Hours Per Week (Average)

If you do not know the above data elements, you can leave them blank for the Employer to complete.

If you had a break in employment with the Employer that would require you to submit another Section 4, you'll need to answer "Yes" to the below question. This will drop down additional Begin/End Dates, Employment Status, and Hours Per Week. You can add FIVE additional Section 4s. If you had more than five breaks in service, you'll need to submit an additional PSLF request.

You have the option to deliver a message to the Employer. Be sure to be detailed.

Next, sign your name with a signature pad, mouse or finger (if you have a touch screen), type in your name, and click "I Agree & Submit".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your signature MUST be legible or it could be rejected. Ensure your name is clear before submitting.

Your form has now been sent to the Employer review/complete.

Once they complete their review, your employer has two options:

Option 1: Your Employer can fax the form directly to MOHELA.

If they fax the form to MOHELA, you will be notified via email and no further action is required. You can view the completed report HERE. Congratulations, you're done!

Option 2: Your Employer can choose NOT to fax the form to MOHELA and instead let you review and fax the form.

If your employer does NOT fax the form to MOHELA, you will receive a different email notification stating ‘YOU’RE NOT DONE.”

Visit the Employee page HERE and enter the information to verify your identity. This will include an email validation and Two-Factor Authentication.

Click on "View Report."

All edits made by the Employer will be outlined in red. You can choose to "Approve and Complete" or "Disapprove/Cancel."

  • Approve and Complete

    • Click the ‘Approve and Complete’ button

    • On the next screen fill in the first 5 digits of your SSN

    • If you want the PSLF form to be automatically faxed to MOHELA, move the slider button to ‘Yes.’

    • Press ‘Approve and Complete

    • To download and/or print your completed PSLF, go back to your ‘Dashboard,’ fill in the first 5 digits of your SSN, and do NOT fax the form to MOHELA.

  • Disapprove/Cancel

    • Click the ‘Disapprove/Cancel’ button

    • Type in the details of your disagreement.

    • Click the "Decline" button.

    • **You will need to submit a new PSLF Request**

Under ‘Additional Notes’ on the new request, describe in detail why you are submitting a new form. Congratulations! You're done!

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