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Request an IL Faith's Law Employment History Review (EHR) & Complete a Self Disclosure Form
Request an IL Faith's Law Employment History Review (EHR) & Complete a Self Disclosure Form

IL Faith’s Law Employment History Review (EHR) & Self Disclosure Form

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To start, visit this webpage.

Click the "Choose Your Hiring Entity" button.

A pop-up box will appear asking you to begin typing in the name of the Hiring Entity that is hiring you. This is the Hiring Entity you would like your completed EHR and Disclosure Form to be delivered to. After entering three letters, your Hiring Entity will drop down below. Select the correct Hiring Entity.

Click 'Save Hiring Entity' followed by 'Continue.'

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Hiring Entity does not appear, choose "Hiring Entity Not Found." (Only applicable if you cannot locate your Hiring Entity.)

**On the next screen choose IL as your State. (Only applicable if you cannot locate your Hiring Entity.)

Toggle the "Faith's Law Employment History Review (EHR) Form & Self Disclosure Form" button to "Yes". If you also need a Certified Experience Form, ensure it reads "Yes" as well.

Next, complete the information form and read the "Instructions to Applicant."

Answer the questions appropriately by toggling the three buttons to "Yes" or "No."

With a mouse or touchscreen, draw your signature and type your name.

Click the "I Agree" button.

After clicking the "I Agree" button a confirmation email is sent to your email with a link. Click on the link in the confirmation email.

A new webpage will open where you can enter ALL of your Former Employers.

NOTE: You can enter ALL of your Former Employers that you need responses from.

Click on the "Enter ALL Former Employers" button. If you do not have any Former Employers, click on "I Have No Former Employers."

A popup will appear where you can lookup your Former Employers. Begin typing your Former Employer(s). If they appear in a drop down menu, select the Former Employer.

If the application presents you with the screen below, you need to enter the Former Employer email address where the EHR form should be sent to be completed.

Next the system will ask if you would like to add another Former Employer. Choose "Yes" or "No" accordingly and repeat the previous steps as needed.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Former Employer does not appear in the drop down box, try a different naming convention of the Employer and ensure you are spelling their name correctly. If it still does not appear, click on the "Former Employer Not Found" button. Complete the form and click the "Add New Former Employer" button.

Once you have entered all of your Former Employers who need to complete the EHR form, select the Employer that you worked for last and click "Next Step."

Confirm your order by clicking the "Next Step" button on the Order Summary page.

Lastly, Verifent has two payment options. A Premium version and a Free version.

Option 1: Premium

The Premium version gives you access to all of your completed forms forever. As you advance in your career and move between different School Districts in the future you will always have access to your completed Experience Verifications. With the Premium version you will also be kept up to date as your Experience Verifications make their way through the process. The cost is $15 for five Former Employer requests plus $5 for each additional Former Employer. The number of requested forms is unlimited.

Click on the "Let's Go" button, enter your credit card details, and click the "Pay" button. Congratulations, you're done!

Option 2: Free

The FREE version gives you access to your forms for 14 days once they are completed.

Click on the "Submit" button. Congratulations, you're done!

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