Enable TRACK REIMBURSABLE in Profile Settings

  1. Log in to you Veryfi account: https://hub.veryfi.com/

  2. Navigate to Settings, Profile.

  3. Toggle On TRACK REIMBURSABLE option


Mark Expense Document as REIMBURSABLE

  1. Navigate to INBOX, Documents section

  2. Open Document details


Enable REIMBURSABLE Column in Documents list view for ease of navigation

  1. Navigate to INBOX, Documents section

  2. Tap on Columns Icon

  3. Tick REIMBURSABLE Column to see its Status

Submit REIMBURSABLE Documents for Approval

If you are a part of the team:

Please check these video instructions:

Text version on Expense Approval available here: http://faq.veryfi.com/en/articles/3443144-how-to-review-and-approve-business-expenses

If you act as an Individual:

Please check these video instructions on how to create Expense Report:

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