Veterinarian / Technician Referral

Refer a veterinarian or a technician to work with Vet-1-1 and earn an ongoing bonus of 1% of the billed rate for that veterinarian or technician. So let's say that you refer a veterinarian and they work a 10 hour shift and bill $1,000 for that shift... you earn $10. If this is a good fit and your colleague continues to work with Vet-1-1, you earn over $2,000 per year for that one referral. We often get asked: can my friend and I refer one another? The answer is: Yes! You just need to let us know before that person works their first shift.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer and earn a referral bonus - but you cannot refer yourself. So the more people you refer, the greater the bonus. Since Vet-1-1 is growing rapidly, but still relatively new, you have great timing.

Clinic Referral

Refer a hospital that needs a veterinarian or a technician. If that hospital books at least 2 shifts within 90 days of the referral, you earn $100.

For Hospitals referred in 2020 - we will give an additional $500 for hospitals that end up booking 10+ shifts. These shifts do not have to be scheduled in 2020, they can be scheduled at any time as long as the first shift is scheduled less than 90 days after the referral. Any bonus for a hospital referral goes to the first person to refer the hospital, or the hospital acknowledging that they were referred by a specific person. Max: 1 person.

Hospital referrals are anonymous - we don't tell the hospital who referred them to us. So if you are working at a clinic, or just left a clinic that could benefit from relief we keep that information secret. So you can breathe a sigh of relief... we won't tell your co-workers that you earned some cash for helping them out.

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