Want to take a pre-recorded file and simulate a live stream using Videolinq? No problem. We support MP4 file sources for live streaming. You can even set up a schedule to start and stop the live stream at a specific date/time. There are a few requirements to live stream from pre-recorded files on Videolinq -

Media Configuration:

Encode a MPEG-4 file (extension .mp4) with one of the many video encoders software available, but make sure the file complies with this:

  • Video resolution of 720p or 1080p

  • Use up to 60 frames per second (fps)

  • Bitrate between 2 to 8 Mbps (larger files will be rejected)

  • Use Stereo audio of 80 KBps or more bitrate

  • Encode the video with H.264 Baseline or Main profile codec

  • Encode the audio with AAC codec

  • Insert 2 keyframes every second (some encoding tools refer to keyframes as GOP)

  • Name the file without spaces (example "my-file-name.mp4")

When the MP4 file is ready, upload it with your browser to Videolinq. Maximum 4 GB per file is allowed and the available storage is limited by the plan subscription.

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