Want to take a pre-recorded file and simulate a live stream using Videolinq? No problem. We support MP4 file sources for live streaming. You can even set up a schedule to start and stop the live stream at a specific date/time. There are a few requirements to live stream from pre-recorded files on Videolinq -

Media Configuration:

Encode a MPEG-4 file (extension .mp4) with one of the many video encoders software available, but make sure the file complies with this:

  • Video resolution of 720p or 1080p

  • Use up to 60 frames per second (fps)

  • Bitrate between 2 to 8 Mbps (larger files will be rejected)

  • Use Stereo audio of 80 KBps or more bitrate

  • Encode the video with H.264 Baseline or Main profile codec

  • Encode the audio with AAC codec

  • Insert 2 keyframes every second (some encoding tools refer to keyframes as GOP)

  • Name the file without spaces (example "my-file-name.mp4")

When the MP4 file is ready, upload it to a media server that support the RTMP out protocol. Here is an example of how to point to the file:


When Videolinq hosts your files, point to them like this (0000 is your account number):


We provide a default sample in the Source URL configuration window. This file was encoded with the Xilisoft Video Converter using the specifications listed in this article. If you use this file to test live stream simulation from an MP4 file - it will work. Follow the steps to prepare your media properly and place it on a media server that supports RTMP playback, and your file will stream too!

Need to order a Videolinq media bin to upload MP4 files and use them as source for a live broadcast? Order the service here.

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