Attention customers who purchase a Professional plan subscription during the AppSumo campaigns of 2020 - 2021! When you created your account we asked only for your name and email address. After the account was created we've asked that you complete additional information: Address, City, State/Province, Postal/Zip code, Country and phone number. If your profile is updated - everything is good. If your profile is not complete please read further...

You may have heard that the large social media platforms are changing profile details requirements and updating their privacy rules. Members are asked to keep real profiles with proper contact details. All this is done to combat the growing spread of fake news and online miss-information. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms expect partners like Videolinq to keep track who is streaming live content to their platforms.

As of April 1st 2021, all Videolinq customers are required to complete their customer profile Address, City, State/Province, Postal/Zip code, Country and phone number. The profile information will be used to validate your identity, in the event that your live stream violates a social media platform terms or privacy policies. Customers who fail to complete their profile information on request, or provide fake information will be suspended. Suspended accounts will be close after 72 hours without refund.

Click here to update your Videolinq customer profile by following this steps:

Step 1

Login to Videolinq, expand the top right drop down and open "Account Details".

Step 2

Complete the address and phone information, and 'Save Changes'.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy streaming!

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