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Salesloft Integration - Setup Guide
Salesloft Integration - Setup Guide

How to setup Vidu and Salesloft

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Our Salesloft integration allow you to automatically generate and use personalized GIFs and images in your Salesloft cadence emails.

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1. Enable the Vidu integration in Salesloft

You can enable the Vidu integration in the Salesloft integrations settings page:

2. Add a Vidu step to a Salesloft cadence

Add a new cadence step by selecting "Cadence Actions > Add Step":

Select "Vidu" step and place it just before the email that you'd like to include the personalized asset:

Click "Next: Step Content" and give the step a meaningful name:

Ensure that the Vidu step is placed before the email step:

NOTE: Please also ensure that the email step is not a multi-touch step, this will guarantee that the Vidu asset is generated before the email task is created.

3. Configure the step in Vidu

Head over to your Vidu workspace and select the "Integrations" tab in the bottom left menu. Click on "Configure" in the Salesloft integration:

You'll see a list of Salesloft cadences that contain Vidu steps. Click "edit" on the step that you added:

You can then choose the Vidu project and content for your personalized asset:

To personalize the GIF / image, you can use Salesloft fields here including:

  • {{first_name}}

  • {{last_name}}

  • {{name}}

  • {{email_address}}

  • {{company}}

  • {{website}}

  • {{linkedin_url}}

  • {{industry}}

  • {{}}

  • {{Account.domain}}

  • {{}}

You can also use custom person fields (eg. {{number_of_open_positions}})

If you want to use the prospect's website in a GIF or video, you can use {{email_address}}. When a person has an email like, we'll use for the website.

Fields can also have a fallback, Hi {{first_name | "there"}} will render Hi Alex when the person has a name, and Hi there when the person does not have a name.

Click "Save" when you're happy with your changes.

4. Configure the email step in Salesloft

Now we can add the dynamic personalized asset to your Salesloft cadence email.

Open the cadence step configuration in Vidu, expand "Advanced Settings" and click the copy icon beside "Salesloft Email HTML":

In Salesloft, open the email step that follows our Vidu step (the Intro email in our example):

Place the cursor where you'd like your personalized asset to appear, and paste (CTRL+V or CMD+V):

Save your email step.

5. Add people to your cadence

Your cadence with automatically generated Vidu assets is now ready to test.

Add a test person to the cadence to test the integration. When they reach the Vidu step, Vidu will automatically generate the personalized asset. It usually takes less than 20 seconds for an asset to generate.

Once the asset it ready, your email will be ready in your task list:

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