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Using Vidu Video with HubSpot Sales Emails
Using Vidu Video with HubSpot Sales Emails

Send personalized Vidu videos at scale in HubSpot sales emails

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NOTE: This guide is for HubSpot sales emails. If you'd like to use with HubSpot marketing emails, please see our Using Vidu Video with HubSpot Marketing Emails guide.

It's easy to generate and use batches of personalized videos with HubSpot Marketing Emails.

1. Generate a batch of personalized videos

2. Import the CSV into HubSpot

Open the "Contacts" page and click the "Import" button in the upper right:

Choose "Start an import":

Choose "Import file from computer":

Choose "One file":

Choose "One object":

Choose "Contacts" as the import type:

Click "choose a file" and upload your Vidu CSV batch:

Import the vidu_video_html value from the CSV:

You'll now have the option to import properties from the CSV. We just need to import one, vidu_video_html. If this is your first time importing Vidu videos, create a "single-line text" property:

Click "next", you'll see a confirmation message:

Click "View Contacts":

If you adjust the columns to display vidu_video_html, you'll see a unique value for each contact:

3. Insert the dynamic video into the email

Now that we've imported the Vidu video HTML into your contacts, we can setup the sequence.

Create a sequence email as normal:

Now click "Personalize" and insert the vidu_video_html token (if you search for "vidu", you'll find it quickly):

Save your email.

Now when you enroll your contacts into the sequence, you'll see they each have a personalized Vidu video:

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