Enable tracking

  1. Make sure you have a Google Analytics account and have the analytics tracking code installed in your HTML page that displays the ViewMedica viewer. See Google’s site for Google Analytics support.

  2. Paste the following script into the head of your website. It is required, as it relays events from the ViewMedica iframe to the Google Analytics on your page.

    <script src="https://ondemand.viewmedica.com/lib/vm.js" defer></script>

Finding the ViewMedica On-Demand events in your Google Analytics

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.

  2. Click the “Behavior” section.

  3. Click the “Events” subsection.

  4. Click the “Overview” page.

  5. Click the “ViewMedica On-Demand” category.

  6. Select “Event Label” as the Primary Dimension.

    Here you can see the various ViewMedica videos that your users have interacted with. By clicking the ViewMedica video title, you can see the following events that occurred:

    • Video Loaded

    • Video Started

    • Step Reached | { Step }

    • Percent Reached | { Percent }

    • Video End

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