Fleet Geo

Fleet Geo allows you to track your vehicles on a live map and view and export the routes driven. It offers the following features:

  • Idling dashboard View information about the idling time of your vehicles. Idling is when the engine is running, but the vehicle is not moving.

  • Live GPS tracking of vehicles View your vehicles on the map and find vehicles closest to a specific address.

  • Route history View and download details of the routes driven by vehicles.

  • Fencing alerts Receive notifications when vehicles move within or outside of a specific timeframe, or move into or out of a specific area.

  • Custom locations View your own named locations on the map to help you navigate the right vehicle to the right customer.

  • Exports Export vehicle and user data and the route history to a file.

Fleet Admin

Fleet Admin helps you to efficiently manage your fleet in a single application. It offers the following features:

  • Dashboard An overview of important information about your fleet.

  • Vehicle and vehicle data management Add and view information about your vehicles, including vehicle-related documents, costs and statistics, mileage status and technical specifications. Add information specific to your fleet using custom fields.

  • User management Add users and assign administrative rights to allow them to manage specific Fleet functions. Assign users to a company car, or grant users access to pool vehicles so they can reserve them for specific time periods.

  • Task management Create and monitor tasks for MOT and service appointments, or any other activities you need to keep track of, and receive reminders of due dates.

  • Booking management Allow users to reserve pool vehicles for a specific time period, and monitor and approve bookings.

  • Cost management Keep track of the costs incurred by the vehicles in your fleet and identify cost discrepancies.

  • Exports Export vehicle, user, booking, and cost data to a file.

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