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Accessing Client Portal
Accessing VineConnect Client Portal
Accessing VineConnect Client Portal

This Client Portal is for you to view case details. We will review how to access the portal as well as troubleshooting steps.

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Welcome To Your Client Portal!

NUEVO: Este portal también admite español, selecciónelo al ingresar al portal en la parte superior derecha de la siguiente manera:

The firm you are working with should provide a link to access the Client Portal with their unique firm name. This becomes accessible from any browser - PC, Mac, or on mobile. Example of the login link:

When selected it will navigate you to the login page which will require you to enter:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number and/or Email Address

Once you have entered this information you’ll select Send My Code which will initiate a text message or email, that will provide you with a verification code to enter. If you enter data that may not be present on your case, the portal will encourage you to attempt with different information:

If that also causes an error, you will be given the opportunity to submit your information to your legal team for approval and access:

NOTE: You must enter your first and last name exactly as they have been entered on the case file in Filevine. If you’re unsure how this was entered please reach out to your firm for clarification.

When you enter this code you will then select Verify which will open up your Client Portal page:

If when you are navigated to this page you do NOT receive a verification code you have the option to Send Another Code or Send by Email Instead available to select. This will initiate a new code via SMS or Email depending on which you select.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting


  • Login on the portal with an iPhone device may cause verification code errors. This is due to iPhone's auto-fill software and can potentially be resolved by updating your iPhone to the latest system update available or manually entering the verification code.


  • Invalid Client Info: If you receive this error it is likely due to your information not matching the case in Filevine. Ensure you are using the information you provided to the firm when your case was opened.

  • Invalid Code: If you are manually entering the code and it still doesn't work we recommend you clear your browser cache and history as it may help clear up that error.

  • Not Receiving Verification Code: If you are struggling to get the verification code (and have tried to send again with no luck) you should check your SPAM folder in email. This can also be true for SMS being marked as spam by your mobile service provider, we recommend going back to login and attempting again.

Once in the Client Portal there are a few very useful features to note!

At the top of the page you’ll see the names of all cases that are associated to you, a timestamp of the most recent login, and the hamburger menu on the right to pull up a few options:

Your Assigned Team

At the top of the page you'll see there is a record of the Legal Team that is currently working your case (if on mobile, this is accessible in the “hamburger menu” icon on the left hand side). You'll also note this is where your most current Team Message will land as well as the Firm's direct phone number and a way to email them as well:

Your Legal Team

NOTE: Some of your Assigned Team may have a Leave Feedback button which allows you to leave personal feedback on your experience with each of the team members on your case.


Back at the Home page, on the left you’ll see the Vitals of your current case and pencil symbol giving you the option to update your contact information. Please utilize this if any of your contact information changes during the duration of your case:


In the center of the platform you will see a Banner which provides any pertinent information on the case as well as your current Status and a description of what this status means for you:


Below this you'll find a Timeline outlining the entire process for this case and descriptions of the important events within this Timeline:

My Messages

Our Messages tool is a wonderful way to connect with the firm when they have active updates or information they want to provide you. You will see the most recent message from the firm on your landing page like so:

You can also view it in the "Messages" area of the menu to pull up all messages from the firm on your case:

You will notice that when a message from your Assigned Team is present there is an option to Send Reply. This will open a chat box that will allow you to respond to any messages from the team:

Submit Forms

This tool is used to easily gather information for your case and provide it to your legal team. When you navigate to this area you will find the forms available to you which you can select to fill out by the title or the arrow symbol:

When you've selected the Form you need to fill out, you will see the different areas you need to insert information. Once complete, you will click "Submit" to send to your team:

Document Sharing

If there are documents and files that need to be shared with your legal team you can do so here! When you navigate to this area on the menu you will see a dropdown that allows you to indicate where this document should be inserted:

NOTE: Pay attention to the options provided to you so that you are uploading the intended documents/files.

You can drag-and-drop files from a folder on your local device, or you can select the "choose file" hyperlink which will open up your devices local files/documents to choose from. Once you have chosen the appropriate documents you will see confirmation of that successful upload which will alert your legal team as well:

You will also see there is an area to download any documents your legal team has shared with you as well as a list of documents you've uploaded up to this point:

This portal can be accessed on your computer or mobile device with ease! It is mobile optimized to allow you to access it wherever you are. For questions or feedback you can use the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page! We hope you enjoy this amazing tool!

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