For people that are invited to your campaign and follow referral links to your website, if they join your campaign you will want to attribute their participation to their referrer so that the referrer gets rewarded or climbs the leaderboard and so on.

This happens automatically by the Viral Loops campaign Javascript snippet that you should install on your website. You can find the Viral Loops campaign javascript snippet in the Installation step of your Campaign Wizard.

Here's where it should be installed:

  • At the campaign URL, ie. the page where your referral links direct people to.
  • If you are using a custom form, it should be installed in the page that contains the form and the page the form redirects to after submission.
  • In any page in your website where you are using any widgets from Viral Loops, such as the Viral Loops Popup or the Milestone Widget etc.

The Viral Loops campaign Javascript snippet should always be installed near the closing </body> tag (footer) of your pages and you can always find it at the Installation step of your campaign wizard.

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