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How to install your "Refer a Friend" campaign in your Leadpages website

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Integrate the "Refer a Friend" campaign on your website or web app by embedding the widgets directly in your pages.

Using the embeddable widgets

Edit your page in Leadpages and from the left sidebar click Page Tracking and Analytics. Paste the campaign Javascript snippet at the section Immediately before the closing tag and save the code.

Back to editing your page, click Widgets and add an HTML Widget for each one of the widgets you want to use.

Copy and paste the following HTML in the HTML Widget to embed the Form Widget from Viral Loops:

<div data-vl-widget="embedForm"></div>

Copy and paste the following HTML in the HTML Widget to embed the Reward Widget from Viral Loops:

<div data-vl-widget="rewardStats"></div>

And that's it! Participants will use the Form Widget to join your campaign and invite their friends. On the Reward Widget, they will see the rewards they have won by referring others to the campaign.

Joining with a native Leadpages form

It is not yet possible for your visitors to join your Viral Loops campaign using a native form from Leadpages. Stay tuned as we add more integrations in the future that will allow you to do this kind of integration too.

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