Coupons are created automatically for referred customers (invitees) when they get to your store and provide their email in the In-app Referral widget or sign-up to your store. You do not need to upload coupon codes to Viral Loops for this campaign to work. 

When a referred customer completes a purchase, a coupon is created automatically for their referrer. 

The coupons are delivered automatically to the customers via the In-app Referral widget that they can use in your e-Commerce store.

Supported platforms

This applies to every platform that template supports. 

Click on each platform to see the relevant installation instructions.

If you have a Shopify store, then check our new Shopify app instead!

In more detail... 

So you've created your e-Commerce Referral campaign and installed in your page by following the instructions from the Installation step of the Campaign Wizard. What happens now?

By now you will have seen that the In-app Referral widget appears in your store and your visitors can use it.

If your store allows guest checkout, make sure to update the relevant setting in the Info step of the campaign. In that case, your visitors will see something like this:

By providing their details in the widget they can get their unique URL and start inviting their friends. 

When an invited friend follows a referral URL, they get to your store. 

In order to claim their invitee reward (invitee coupon), they need to follow the exact same process and provide their email in the widget. 

Which is why they see a message like this:

A customer that has won multiple coupons will be able to see all of them in the coupons tab of the widget:

That way, when they get to the checkout page, they can use these coupon codes to get a discount for their purchase.

As soon as a referred customer completes a purchase, a coupon is created automatically for their referrer.

The referrer can also see this coupon in the In-app Referral widget and use it for their next purchase.

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