Please note that Drupal is not officially supported. Feel free to download and use the plugin below but we can't provide any support on it.


For Drupal 7 you need to have this plus the coupon module which you can get here.

Click the button below to download the Viral Loops for e-Commerce Drupal module.

Then you have to install it to your e-Commerce store (or ask your developer to install it for you)!

Once that's done, from the top bar go to Site Settings → Configuration and click on the Viral Loops for e-Commerce Configuration link.

For example:

In that page, fill-in your campaign ID and campaign API token:

Your Campaign ID:  hjyLvlsyfeR6fJ5n34tLb0ZBnow

Your API token:       T5fPvLKppnm5vRPCAEgRE0B1ARQ

For example:

Save the settings and now the Viral Loops e-Commerce widget is live in your store!

How it works

Coupons are created automatically for referred customers (invitees) when they get to your store and provide their email in the In-app Referral widget or create an account. 

When a referred customer completes a purchase, a coupon is created automatically for their referrer. 

The coupons are delivered automatically to your customers via the In-app Referral widget that they can use in your e-Commerce store.

Do you want to find out more? Check out this article: How does the e-Commerce Referral work? 

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