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Set up a custom outbound email address for your campaign emails
Set up a custom outbound email address for your campaign emails

Here's how to change the "From" address for your campaign emails

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The emails sent from your Viral Loops campaigns are normally sent from However, you might want to use your own email domain to send these messages and now you can!

In this case, click the Profile menu on the top right corner of your Viral Loops account and go to Settings.

There, you can add your own custom outbound email address.

These are the actions you need to complete:

1) Verify your domain e-mail

Follow the instructions and create the txt record request within your domain provider.

We need to verify that you have access to the domain viralloops.cim.
Create a TXT record in your domain's DNS records with the following value:


In most cases, if you want to have your root domain verified you have to put "@" in the name field. Since these are setting of your domain provider they might look different, we always suggest getting in touch with them and verifying.

2) Set an SPF record

No need to do anything about SPF record.

3) Set the DNS -> DKIM settings

Just follow the instructions within the box.

These settings are available in your hosting provider's dashboard. If you’re not familiar with such settings, don’t worry, your hosting provider can help you with that or do it for you. You will find more details about the DNS records when you've added a new outbound email address in this article

Create two CNAME records:

1) one with the name with the value

2) and another with the name and the value

4) Set DMARC record

Just follow the instructions within the box.

Create and save a TXT record in your DNS with the name of and a value of v=DMARC1; p=none

EXTRA TIP: Replace with the domain you are setting up. Some domain hosts automatically add after the initial value. Contact your domain provider for any specifics.

5) Last Step

👉🏻 After you follow these steps, don't forget to click on the "Check now" button in the Viral Loops Settings, in order to update the changes and make sure that everything is correct. 

Once you do that (and all the 3 settings are correct), you can go to each of the emails of your campaign and select the newly added email address as the outbound address.

And that's all! 

Let us know if you need further help on the above! 😊 

*Note: since these settings are not part of the Viral Loops dashboard, we can only provide you the right (generic) values and possible errors that prevent you from setting everything right (except the first verification step that we can do manually for you if needed). Each provider has its own fields, settings and format, therefore if you face difficulties/problems, you need to contact their support team for additional assistance. More information about how to add/set the DNS records in some major hosting providers are available in this article from the Mandrill Knowledge Base.

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