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The Milestone Referral + Custom made HTML page

How to install your Milestone Referral campaign on your Custom made HTML page

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Start by adding the campaign Javascript snippet to your website. You will find it in the Installation step of the Campaign Wizard.

If you don’t know where you will use the widgets yet, don’t worry, you can do this step later. You will, however, need to add the snippet in order to see them on your page.

Then, a little bit more about the widgets.

Form Widget

This is a simple form widget that you can add to your website so that your website visitors can join your campaign. When the form is submitted, the Form Widget turns to a Sharing Widget, showing the sharing options to the participant so they can invite their friends.

If you already have a form that you want to use, check out this article: How to use a custom form instead of the form widget

You can set the Form Widget to redirect to a different page when the form is submitted if, for example, you wish to have the form in one page and the Milestone Widget and sharing options in another. You can set this option from the Form Widget options.

In this case, add the Form Widget on both pages. After the redirect, the widget will directly show the sharing options.

To add the Form Widget to your page, add the following HTML where you want it to appear:

                               <div data-vl-widget="embedForm"></div> 

Milestone Widget

This widget displays the progress of the participant through your campaign. They can see the milestones of the campaign and how far they have gotten in reaching them.

It has two forms: expanded and compressed.

You just need to install it once and it will adapt to fit in the page around it. This is useful for showing the widget on smaller screens or just adding it in a small part of your page, eg. in a sidebar.

To add the Milestone Widget to your page, add the following HTML where you want it to appear:
​                                  <div data-vl-widget="milestoneWidget"></div> 

Referral Count Widget

This widget is just a counter that shows to the participant the number of referrals they have gotten through the campaign. The referral count is also included in the Milestone Widget but if you’re short on space or would just rather not use the Milestone Widget, then you can use the Referral Count Widget instead.

To add it to your page, add the following HTML where you want it to appear:
​                               <div data-vl-widget="referralCountWidget"></div> 

Getting more help

Check out the rest of the documentation for this template: The Milestone Referral Documentation

You might also want to know how to handle rewards for the Milestone Referral.

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