If you wish to integrate your MailChimp account with your Viral Loops campaign, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the 'Integrations' step in your campaign's wizard.
  • Find the MailChimp integration and enable it.
  • Then select 'Edit'.
  • Input your MailChimp API key, select 'Connect' and 'Save'.

When you connect the MailChimp integration, a list is created that is specific to your campaign. When participants are added to the campaign, they are automatically added to this new list, along with their campaign-specific details, such as their unique sharing URL, referral count etc. 

If you have an existing bigger pool of contacts, you can have the participant join that too, your generic list. In the generic list, however, only the contact’s name and email is added, no campaign-specific details.

In case a contact already exists with the participant’s email address, then no duplicate contact is created.

Now, if you want to build and send automated emails for specific segments (e.g. a segment related to the number of referrals) in MailChimp (and bypass some of the email options given in the Viral Loops campaign wizard), please have a look at the following video (not applicable on Messenger templates and the Altruistic Referral)

Note: if you wish to add a link in your Mailchimp campaign with the share URL merge tag, use the *|SHAREURL|* merge tag. 

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