When you are creating your campaign you can choose to have it hosted in Viral Loops Pages, a beautiful high-converting page you can easily customise from your campaign wizard to save you time and launch early.

The campaign is normally hosted at a URL like https://pages.viral-loops.com/your-campaign-name but you can use your own domain if you wish.

To begin setting it up, go to the Installation step of the campaign wizard and select "I'll use Viral Loops pages". There, click the link "Ready to launch? Use a custom domain" button and enter the URL that you want to give to your Viral Loops Page.

The URL should be a subdomain of your main website domain. So if your domain is initech.com then your Viral Loops Page can be at referral.initech.com or similar subdomain.

Also make sure not to use www.initech.com as this might create a conflict with your current website.

Setting the CNAME record

CNAME is just an alias of a domain name to another domain name. Currently we allow only subdomains to be linked to pages.viral-loops.com.

In your domain registrar panel (or hosting control panel -- wherever you manage your domain) look for some menu called something like "DNS Settings" or similar.

Add a CNAME record for referral.initech.com (or whatever URL you added earlier) and have it point to pages.viral-loops.com.

A CNAME record uses three properties.

  • The first part of the subdomain you want to use (e.g. for referral.initech.com this will be referral)
  • The domain that your subdomain will be linked to
  • A TTL. This is how much time the CNAME record will be cached (in case you change the record after a while).


Enter the respective values and Save.

Then you need to wait a bit. The process of propagating the new DNS settings can take from a few minutes up to 48 hours, depending on your host.

When this process is completed, your Viral Loops Page will be accessible from the URL "referral.initech.com" (or whatever you picked) and you can use that URL as your campaign URL:

Now, if you want to set https instead of simply http for your campaign's URL, after the registration of your CNAME changes, you should contact our support team (either via Intercom or email ar support@viral-loops.com) and request SSL for your campaign's URL (this option is not available during the trial period or if you have our Startup plan). Of course you must provide your campaign's URL (which is set in the Installation step of the wizard when you select the "I'll use Viral Loops pages" option) e.g. referral.initech.com (the process for the SSL is completed within 2 working days).

Before starting your campaign, make sure to also update the Button URL of the campaign emails and enter your campaign's URL (https or http if you are not using SSL):

That's it! Did this article help you? Let us know! 😍

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