The Milestone Referral + ClickFunnels

How to install your Milestone Referral campaign on your ClickFunnels website

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First, add a custom HTML/JS element in the page. You can add a new element to the page by clicking Add New Element on the page and then in the element types box selecting the Custom JS/HTML Element and clicking Add to Page.

In it, paste the javascript snippet from your campaign:

Then add more Custom HTML/JS elements for the widgets of the campaign. In one element paste the HTML of the Form Widget:

<div data-vl-widget="embedForm"></div>

Then do the same for the Milestone Widget:

<div data-vl-widget="milestoneWidget"></div>

And that's it! Publish your page and check it out, the Form Widget for the campaign will be there and your visitors can use it to join your campaign.

Do you have any more questions? Let us know! 😊

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